Alone in Kyoto

Sometimes you want to share something with others who will stop and listen. After a decade I stopped and watched two strangers bond in a land of unknown tongue. A tongue that I somehow understand. I heard some music that brought a vague memory of longing - like an ocean wave. Turns out I have heard it before, and that feeling is very real. I have wanted to immerse into the wave once, long ago. I still do.


Advice Mallard is now doing private consultations. #9gag


Advice Mallard is now doing private consultations. #9gag

The Slow and the Survived.

As a child of a conservative culture, most bare body parts were always objects of awe to me. Surprisingly, the female midriff was more in public domain than bare arms. But that’s cultural nuance for you! Civilization norms, on the other hand, have always insisted upon covering the private parts. This may vary depending on region and era but a place or two or three are inevitably required to be out of public sight. I grew up learning that and even though my personal opinions on the matter have changed, it has not necessarily become ordinary to me to be unphased by a bare tush or the female bosom. Of course, clear view of the major players of coupling always evoke an involuntary scream, of a child, which rings in my mental ear for hours after the sighting. The inner child within me! No matter what, people remember life altering events from their childhood. I still remember the time I saw Sharon Stone’s boobs. I will probably always remember the first time I saw boobs.

It is no wonder that I can still clearly visualize the first time I came across a pair of female breasts that bounced out of nowhere. I must have been 12, and quite precocious regarding certain things. But knowledge about the birds and the bees mostly eluded me. I do have an extensive theory which could be the reason of another trivial text trip. As for that moment in time, when Sharon Stone’s boobies braced the 24” tube TV screen, I was completely and utterly flabbergasted. Not to mention, she was sharing the screen with, my then secret crush, Leonardo DiCaprio. It was the pre-Cameron’s Titanic days and I had only seen snippets of Leo in a shining armor, quite literally, trying to woo a teenaged Claire Danes with fancy speech in modern times. I had not watched the film and, somehow being never-in-possession-of-the-TV-remote in those days, missed all the lip-locking the young lovers did. To me, young Leo was a virginal pretty boy, who would never sully himself with any degree of carnal knowledge of the other sex. Il était impossible!

The dual shock of seeing breasts and having your crush see them as well shook me to the core. I was lucky to be oblivious of the fact that a recorded video can be played and replayed ad infinitum! Imagine Leo seeing them again and again; the horror! Even without realizing the basics of video operation, I was crushed… no pun! Don’t get me wrong, and I may have lied when I said I was precocious regarding certain things… cause it was definitely more than certain things. Prior to this I had been exposed to things of or related to sexual nature. I doubt I ever understood the significance, and only complied to the lessons in repressing any knowledge of this seemingly intriguing matter. They were always funny, gross, or both! That kind of stuff captivates children and I was no different. However, the day I saw Sharon Stone waking up in the white, almost translucent, shirt that managed to part and delight so many with the sacred view of Miss Stone’s knockers, was probably my coming of age. I actually managed to get over Leo’s involvement in the scene and it may have been the first step to adulthood I took. Cute boys will eventually see boobs, and there is nothing I can do to protect their modesty! I wouldn’t learn about the hormonal rage causing the universal male teen angst for another decade. So there I was, accepting the inevitable. But I simply couldn’t let go off seeing a lady’s breasts! It was sometime after the mid-90’s and I had no notion of Basic Instinct and yet, it was not Sharon Stone I was concerned about! I had seen something I didn’t want to and was shot to adulthood in a blink. The vision didn’t leave me for a week! All of a sudden I wanted a world devoid of all things that need to be kept hidden. They are scary when they come out! Yet, after a week’s torment I was fine. I survived. I dealt with with this on my own and I survived. It was an odd right of passage but I got to the other side, although, to this day, bare privates stun me for a good few seconds.

#badday ?!

#badday ?!

#badday ???
Definitely may be!
Lately things have been going at least slightly against my favor.

#badday ???
Definitely may be!
Lately things have been going at least slightly against my favor.

#docume 1 - Mela Tweet

1 AM April 20, 2014

Documenting Me 

Don’t feel keen about leaving tens of microblogs my unsuccessful journey to the loo at the mela… so, here’s a tumble compilation instead!


At the Boishakhi Mela 2014 in Tempe, Sydney. Thought I might leave some digital footprints of my (mis)adventures.


Wore a saree on my own in an hour. Managed to get in the car. Found a parking spot. Struggled into my hoodie.

Too self-cautious while concentrating on not tripping (bad at this saree thing). Arrived at uncle’s food stall without any mishap.

Ate food. Drank tea. Only now can I look around and feel the festive air. A bit chilly but people are having a good time it seems!

After 2 cups of tea & a bottle of water my body is reminding me of the need to visit a lavatory…

This will be a long evening. Really! I might stay here till midnight o_O

Yei… it’s fun when friends are around! Haven’t been to the loo yet -_-

More food and drinks. What am I thinking?!

End of a long evening. Sometimes one can only let oneself go at home 



I just said something brilliant(I’d like to think) on this microblogging site & the real opinion I was about to share here was lost in the process. It is a grueling task - pumping the brain to paint a picture with words.
I may have to switch to cappuccino.

Somehow everytime … 2

আমি ও আমার পাকস্থলী -

'খেতে নাহি দিব'। হায়, তবু খেতে দিতে হয়, তবু ক্ষুধা পায়।

Somehow everytime … 1

ক্ষুধার রাজ্যে পৃথিবী গদ্যময়
পূর্ণিমার চাঁদ যেন ঝলসানো রুটি

In hungerland world is prosed
Fullmoon resembles a grilled roti

Emotions through literary work.


Characters for my narrative class! I wanted to do the Zodiac signs and to make it even more fun for me, I wanted to put them in an apocalypse setting. (I am definitely not a zodiac expert lol I just did some light research.)

>>Second Batch«

I have to share both!!! Second batch went first… oops!

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